Credit Repair for Small Businesses

Let Lexington Law Firm Fix Things for You

If all of this information sounds a lot to you, please know that it is just an abridged summary of what your credit repair involves. You as a consumer understand your compulsions and helplessness in situations, but your emotions and situations do not make it to your credit history. When a lender checks your credit history, you are a customer for them. No matter how compassionate they are, they still have to secure their investments. In the end, it’s your credit score that they will use to assess you as a suitable or unsuitable customer to forward a loan to.

We Understand It All So Let Us Handle It

A lot of the credit repair firms out there have designed packages from which you will have to choose. They have one-size-fits-all solutions that cannot be the best fit for everyone. We understand that every customer’s situation is different. Your income, dependents, employer, lifestyle, amount of debts, status of job, etc. are only a few of the things that make your situation different from any other customer. We spend time learning your situation and listening to you. After properly assessing your situation, we come up with a strategy, represent you and talk to the lenders and credit bureaus on your behalf.

What to Expect from Lexington Law Firm

  • We can help you boost your credit score by up to 40 points like we have for many other customers in the past
  • We will do the talking for you so you can focus on your family and job
  • We will help you check your credit history and score when you want for free
  • We will dedicate a professional consultant just for you so you can explain your situation, and how you want to be helped
  • We create an account for you to sign in to a dashboard where you receive updates on the progress of your case frequently

Keep in mind, there are many other law firms in Seattle that will promise to deliver similar services, but it’s our experience, attention to details and customer service that makes us better than most of our competitors. Call us right now so we can begin working on improving your credit score today. This is a perfect option looking for a credit repair company in Seattle.